Well OK, it took some time, but I’ve finally understood who killed 2pac and Biggie


Looking back, it wasn’t all hard to guess!

Here is what happened.

P Diddy had become really afraid of Suge Knight and had taken his threats seriously.

Before that, on September 24th, 1995, Suge Knight and P. Diddy were attending a same party at the Platinum House in Atlanta when a fight broke up between the two teams and one of Suge Knight’s employees who was also a fellow Piru Blood gang member was killed by one of P. Diddy’s body guards. Suge Knight wanted revenge and chased record promoter Mark Anthony Bell to have P. Diddy’s home address. Mark Bell refused and when he found himself attending the same party as Suge 6 months later at Chateau le Blanc Christmas party, Suge asked him to follow him and 6 of his men into a VIP room. As Bell kept refusing to give P. Diddy’s home address, according to police report, Suge Knight’s men started beating him up. He tried to escape off the balcony, but they pulled him back in, and Bell later told authorities he was “beaten with champagne bottles, robbed and forced to drink a glass of urine.” Read more about the story in Newsweek. Remember Suge Knight is the same guy that had tough gangster Eazy-e sign a deal letting Dr. Dre leave Ruthless Records, and that Happy Walters was found dazed, beaten, and covered in cigar burns in a Long Beach hotel after being kidnapped, following his mocking of Suge Knight. He is convicted right now for a hit and run incident, read more about him on the Telegraph.

P. Diddy put a $1 million bounty on Suge’s and 2pac’s heads and commissioned Southside Compton Crip members to do the job

P. Diddy, who already employed Crip gang members as body guards, met Southside Compton Crip member Duane Keith “Keffe D” Davis in an LA club, according to Keffe’s own testimony. P. Diddy offered $1 million to kill Suge Knight, and 2pac along with him, as the “Hit ’em up” song had just come out.

A bounty had been put on Suge and 2pac’s heads, the incident in Las Vegas where 2pac and Suge beat up Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson just rushed things as Orlando Anderson was Keffe’s nephew. He immediately got in touch with the other Crip members who knew about the bounty on Suge and 2pac’s heads, and got a gun from a fellow Crip member called “Zip” and gathered with Terrence Brown “Bubble Up.”, Deandre Smith “Dre.”,  and Duane “Keffe D” Davis  (you can read more about the details in the interview with former LAPD detective Greg Kading), and killed 2pac and shot Suge. Because Suge was not killed, only half the money was handled to Zip, and Keffe, who had been put in jail soon after the incident because of another case, never received any money for the mission, which is also probably why he had an incentive to talk to the police.

Now what Suge Knight said in the following video where he says that 2pac is not dead totally makes sense: http://hiphopdx.com/news/id.28591/title.suge-knight-says-tupac-is-alive-insults-puff-daddy

A drunk Suge Knight tells TMZ reporter that 2pac’s not dead and that people know P. Diddy wanted to set up 2pac (makes sense now) and that a “rat” (informant) publicly confessed to have killed 2pac (makes sense now) but was not arrested, according to him, because 2pac’s alive. No one in the people’s news have done the link until now. I do it and just translated for you what Suge meant.

The song Long Kiss Goodnight by Biggie and P. Diddy, which is a 2pac diss after his death, also makes sense now. “I told you to stop”. Diddy was afraid of Suge striking first so he had 2pac killed.

Suge commissioned a Blood member to kill Notorious B.I.G as a revenge

Suge, obviously mad at the plot he had just been through, the fact that his friend was killed and himself touched, and who, as a street guy, also refused to tell the news who killed 2pac, giving hints that he knew who did it, planned a revenge. According to former LAPD detective Wardell Fouse, Suge Knight, who was sent to jail directly after 2pac’s killing for having violated his probation, planned the assassination of Biggie from his jail. He told his girlfriend to get in touch with a fellow Blood member Wardell ‘Poochie’ Fouse, who was Suge’s close confidant and also a cold-blooded gangster who had already done hits for Suge. Suge’s girlfriend and Poochie agreed to terms. He received two payments, one for $9000 and one for $4000. Poochie lay in wait outside the Petersen Automotive Museum. As soon as he became aware of where Biggie was sitting in his car, he drove up and he shot him, as seen in the shooting video.

The article I put as a link above regarding the confessions of detective Wardell Fouse concludes “we have this new found information. But still, I don’t know why? Why would Suge order the killing of Biggie, since there is no tie between Biggie and the Crips (Keefe D and Orlando Anderson). I guess we will never know “why”, but at least now we know who.”

Now this also makes sense, as well as the link between Biggie Smalls and Crip members. It was no coincidence that 2pac was killed the same night he fought with a gang member and that Biggie Smalls was killed shortly after 2pac, plus in LA. The explanations above put all the pieces of the Puzzle together and give a clear and coherent conclusion. Suge threatened Puff Diddy, Diddy felt unsafe and thought the only way to survive was to kill Suge and 2pac, he gave money to some Crips to do it, failed on killing Suge, Suge sought revenge by killing BIG. You’re welcome.

The only question not really solved is: is 2pac dead? Suge Knight said he’s not dead in several interviews: 1 2 3
Maybe he joined his aunt Assata Shakur in Cuba

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