The Current Situation of the Middle-East



How many extremist groups have to be created, how many Christians have to be displaced, how many Gazans have to be massacred, how many bombs have to explode, before the US (and the Western powers) understand that their main potential strategic ally in the region is Iran?  

Iraq is almost being dismantled with the ISIS taking power over its territory with a central power not being able to fight it.
Syria is in a state of civil war torn between a mad tyrant and crazy liver eating warriors,
Saudi Arabia is funding all the extremist Sunni terrorists to maintain its influence against the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis.
Lebanon has a bomb exploding in the middle of its streets every few weeks and endures directly the negative impacts of the region’s events because of its weak identity due to the lack of meaning of its borders (like all the countries that had their borders drawn by colonial Empires).
Israel is the only remaining colonial State in the world, by its very essence because it was created thanks to the massive immigration of Russian, Polish, Romanian, German, Austrian people in a historically inhabited region that had nothing to do with them, and also by its policy today, by occupying half of a foreign territory, creating a 21st century open-air ghetto, and building settlements. 

Opposed to all the above, Iran, with its 3000 years History making it an unbreakable country, and its Shia state being an obstacle for Sunni extremists, is certainly the most stable and strongest country in the region and if the US had its own interests in mind, it would definitely ally with it. They have the same enemies, and common business interests. The only obstacle is the strong Israeli lobby, that because of its fear of Iran’s power is blocking any possible agreement, and that has maintained an atmosphere of tension by making the world believe Iran is developing a nuclear bomb.

Let’s hope an agreement on the nuclear program will be reached. 

In fact, under its appearance of instability, what we are observing in the Middle-East is actually a really stable situation that has been the same for centuries: two big (historically and geographically) countries being Iran (Persia) and Turkey (Ottoman Empire), and other countries where the tensions are mainly linked to the rivalry of fronts supporting and being supported by foreign countries. It’s just sad to see that historical capitals of the region such as Jerusalem, Damascus and Bagdad are now stuck in those dirty games. 

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