Middle-Eastern genetics

After reading a lot about the subject on the internet, I now want to sum up the genetic composition of the different Middle-Eastern countries by making a list of the main Middle-Eastern countries with their haplogroups. I write hereunder only the Y-chromosome haplogroups constituting the ~80% of each population because the other ~20% is shared between a lot of less significant haplogroups. Note also that each of these haplogroups constituting the main 80% have comparable weights (the highest percentage of a haplogroup weights maximum twice the lowest).

The haplogroups are written in descending order (according to their frequencies)

Iran: J2, R1a, R1b, G, J1
Turkey: J2, R1b, G, E1b1, J1, R1a
Iraq: J1, J2, R1b, R1a
Levant: J2, E1b1, R1a, R1b
Armenia: R1b, J2, G, J1, E1b1
Saudi Arabia: J1, J2
Egypt: E1b1, J1, J2

It is also interesting to note that North African countries have >50% E1b1 and Western European countries >50% R1b, which makes them less diversified than each of the above countries (except Saudi Arabia and Egypt) but also related to them in some way.









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