Grand Hotel Sharm, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

I was looking again at the photos we had taken in Sharm el Sheikh 3 years ago (2010) and was amazed by the beauty of our hotel and the place.

Our hotel was Grand Hotel Sharm, the employees were really kind people and we had so much fun with them. I just remember the name of one of them because of its originality: Ramzy Ramzy.

The hotel is next to a coral reef, and the water is clear blue. I had never seen anything like that. You can see until the deepest levels of the water and you can see fishes you have only seen in cartoons. It is really beautiful.

The hotel itself looks like an Oriental village or palace, depending on the perspective. It is truly beautiful and it’s huge. You have several pools, beaches, restaurants, stores, streets.

The only negative point about Egypt was the fact that some of its people were really too conservative and the environment in Cairo was quite repressive and conservative.

I share with you photos of the Grand Hotel Sharm, these photos were taken in January 2010:


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